Video Enablement QuickStart Tutorial Help & Feedback

This thread is relevant to the Video Enablement QuickStart Tutorial. If you are struggling at any point during this exercise, feel free to add a note here or email the support team at Furthermore, if you have any suggestions on how to reduce any pain points experienced in the tutorial we would love to hear them.

A. Pain Point: API-Key and Partner ID should auto populate for each Swagger section
If i have entered and executed next section already has api key and partner Id populated saves time and copy/paste

B. Sandbox Rename Error: Once a Sandbox is deleted that name should be reusable or the error should be more explicit. Current it says there was an error If i had no clue about the Sandbox Name uniqueness there would be nothing in the error to tell me to try to rename box. Also if some names are invalid there is no help here to create a good Sandbox name.

C.BUG: Additional User Profile pic is broken. Should this be a standard image until the user uploads one?

D.Added Developer to my account.
Is the usage per developer or do we share limits? I see we share Case History.

E. SERVICES Add Location
The + sign next to location is confusing. I expected that a new location would be added to THAT service so I can use multiple Sandboxes for that Service. However, when I click the + sign it create a brand new service! What is the purpose of this + next to each location on the individual service lines?

F. Scripts - Domain
One thing I was confused about is which domain to use. I did not find MY edge domain for my service. Will this be called out specifically for my Edge account or for each service? Where can I find this information today?

G. Status Code
I don’t understand what this chart shows. It would be helpful to know how many 404, 500 and 200 for the service. What status code is this showing stats for?

H. Configure
I could not change anything after creating the Service.
It would be nice to be able to Add a whitelist domain here in addition to the API call.
I think maybe increasing the storage size if I find my videos are filling up ?
I’m not sure what the Secret Key/Secret Token. What are these used for?

I. Analytics
It shows Jun ’21 at the beginning of the chart. This was confusing for me and I thought the chart dates were out of order. Can we add June’21 as a subtitle to the chart instead of on the line itself?


When I zoom out for a couple of months It shows at the beginning of each month. This is very confusing as I’m looking at the data – are you showing a line for the entire month there? If it is just a label it should not show in the line.

J. Logs & Debug Stats
I did not find the LOGS section helpful at all for the service. After I uploaded content I did not see a debug/log entry for that uploaded content even when it failed. Would be nice to refer to failed api requests here to get more details of what went wrong. So I created the service and I wanted to Add content to the service and the content failed. Showing that error and an explanation here would have helped. Another case is when you whitelist a domain for a service and use the wrong url format, there is no record of that in the logs/debug section.

K. URL Content Name All the content has a name of main.mp4 This may be great for Alef but is confusing for Dev of which video content that is. Can we keep name same as uploaded file or ask Dev to give name for final video to show on charts. Also would be better to right align the list of content for the legend as the content grows.

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Thank you Tamikasue! This is really helpful feedback. I’ll be sure that people see it.


Kudos to Tamikasue for active and thoughtful contribution!

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